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    Rent DeLorean has picked up popularity in the last 7 years. We have a following almost 2,750 fans world wide! Thanks for stopping by. Please Like and Share

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    The mission is to promote, support, and advertise the DeLorean in any way possible. Need a DeLorean at your birthday, corporate event, 80s party, pool party, Comic Store opening, Bar/Grill Celebration? Hit us up!

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    Rent DeLorean is a site where not only locals, but fans from all over can view and submit DeLorean and Back To The Future related items in hopes of sharing and spreading John Z. DeLorean's Dream. Please LIKE and Share the page and feel free to contact the admins of the page with any questions or suggestions you may have.

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DeLorean Rental FAQ

Mrs Nevada No Roads

We show up with our Stock Delorean or Delorean Time Machine, set up inside or outside (depending on the venue) and you go nutz cause there is a Delorean in front of you!

Q: Do I get to DRIVE the Delorean?

A: RentDelorean.com does staging type events and not really set up like Enterprise. com where you get the keys to a Time Machine and can screw up the Time Line as much as you want.

Q: Who do I pay for a Delorean to show up to my event?

A: The Delorean Owner RentDelorean.com sends you will handle cost. Every owner charges slightly different costs and therefore we do not post exact pricing. Generally speaking, the Delorean Owner and you will negotiate a fair price that will include travel expenses and you’ll pay him directly.

Q: Does RentDelorean.com get a cut of the cost?

A: Yes! RentDelorean.com gets a 10% referral fee off the event that the Delorean owner pays directly after the event is complete.

Q: So, this isn’t a Delorean Taxi Service?

A: Again, some Delorean Owners will pick up a Groom (for a wedding for example) and take them to the wedding. But, generally speaking, we specialize in staging events. But, simply ask the Delorean Owner about these details when they reach out to you.

Q: How do I know if there is a Delorean owner near me?

A: Once you submit your zip code and request for more information on getting a Delorean to your event, the nearest Delorean Owner will be copied on the reply email sent to you. From there, you’ll see how close he is to you. We have over 50+ Delorean Owners Nationwide (and some parts of the world) that have signed up with RentDelorean.com.

Q: Are all the Deloreans on RentDelorean.com Time Machines?

A: No. Most of them are, but some are not. Depending upon the request, Stock and Time Machines can be found

Q: How many people can fit in a Delorean?

A: One, plus the Driver.

Any further questions, please fill out a request with your question and you’ll be contacted by email almost immediately!

Q: I am a Delorean owner and would like to inquire about renting my car out through RentDelorean.com. How can I sign up with this??

A:  Great Idea!! Simply submit an inquiry on the contact page and write in the message you'd like to get more information on what it takes to get your Delorean into the Delorean Referral DataBase. Start having your investment pay you back by getting your Delorean more exposure on the internet today. You are probably already getting noticed on the road, but this time, let's get it noticed in cyberspace!  Contact Us Today!!