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This was an action packed opening event. Filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s newest movie based on Ernest Cline’s Bestseller, Ready Player One in IMAX 3D happened and people showed up.

People got photos next to the “Ready Player One Delorean Time Machine Replica” courtesy of and Facebook@RentDeloreans and Instagram/Twitter. #Delorean and checked out some other rad 80’s Vehicles from Back To The 80’s – Minnesota. @backtothe80smn on Facebook/Instagram. There was also one other stock Delorean provided by Alan Keller whom was also available for photo ops and even rides!

iHeart Radio hosted an 80’s theme costume contest where Parzival Cosplayer Ryan Schmidt won 1st prize. People dressed in some great 80’s best for a chance to win some awesome prizes and jammed out to 80’s music with iheartmedia.

There were also copies of “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline for only $9.99.

Issues Needed Comics was on site giving away Free Comic books too.

Back To The 80s‘ own Chris Kliewer was there to help guests test out a VR set in the lobby for opening night. Many people whom have never tried VR experienced a whole new wave of technology.

Many guests came for a movie, but left home with an experience!

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