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This was the first annual SciFi Day at JFK Elementary School. SciFi Day is a celebration of everything science fiction. Students and staff alike were encouraged to come in that day dressed as their favorite science fiction character.

The main purpose of SciFi Day was to not only celebrate everything science fiction, but it is to reach those students that may not necessarily be athletic or greatly academic, but have a knack for the imagination. Science fiction has always been that outlet for those that may not “fit in” with the rest. Science fiction can be a great avenue for kids to explore a side of their imagination they may not have known existed.

Science fiction has always been the forerunner to science fact. Having even young students explore this realm of what could be despite how impossible it may appear to be can encourage students to think about what can be, if they simply put their minds to it.

There were a ton of smiling faces on this day from both young and old. SciFi Day plays to all genres of the imagination, including space themed characters like Star Wars and Star Trek, to the Marvel movies (represented by the Minnesota Superheroes United), as well as alien themed costumes. There were kids dressed as Harry Potter fans as well as ET. The Ghostbusters made an appearance as well as some characters from kids’ own imaginations. This was not a simple costume contest but more of a celebration of everything science fiction. Kids that did not have full on costumes were encouraged to wear a graphic t-shirt, representing something from their favorite fictional tv show or character as to not leave anyone out.

The event included the Doctor Who TARDIS box which moved on wheels from an operator inside, as well as the Ghostbuster vehicle and of course, the Delorean Time Machine.

Quite a few teachers mentioned kids told them regarding the day, “This was the BEST DAY EVER!” It is in the hopes of the organizers that it is these sorts of events for students that make school enjoyable as well as more memorable. When a student sees their teacher getting into the spirit of things, it is that much more for the students as well.

Here is a quote from Stormtrooper TK-13199 of the 501st Legion, a volunteer that came: “Of the 12 events we have done already this year, yours was head and shoulders above all others. Your teaching to the kids of cosplayer respect – both as individuals inside and for the costume outside – really came through on Friday. It was absolutely stunning. I’ve shared our experience with other cosplayers this weekend and they don’t believe me. Please contact the 501st Legion/MN Force when you do your next one. We’ll be there!”

Our volunteer cosplayers came in to hang out with the kids as well as show off their home made costumes. It was a great experience for the students to see how fun one can have with their own imagination and creative skills.

Our goal was not only to have kids excited about science fiction and the costuming involved, but that it is an art to be respected. The students really showed a great respect for the whole process and it is the hopes of the organizers of the day that this event will continue and even spread among other schools.

If you’d like to know more about perhaps organizing a SciFi Day at your school, please reach out to us and we can try and give you some pointers.

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