So, you want to Travel through time but you don’t know if the paparazzi is going to comment on the fact that you don’t have the REAL Nike Mags. I get it, they are expensive! But here are a few tips on making your own Marty Costume whether you have a Delorean Time Machine or not.

Check out your local thrift store. A very simple way to make a Marty costume is to first find that vest. Now, was it orange or was it red? I say, what does it matter? My first Marty vest I found at a thrift store was red and was 4 bucks. The second I found was orange and was 6$.

One is a little puffer than the other but again, are you going for movie accuracy or are you going to have people recognize you as Marty Mcfly. More often than not, they’re are looking for the iconic pieces, and that vest is #1. The Jean jacket isn’t difficult either for they always seem to have many of those in the jacket section of a thrift shop.

Look for an old white pair of Nikes. The ones I found had the Nike Swoosh on the side, and fit perfectly, but the swoosh was white. I brought them home for another $4 and got some red model paint. Fixed them right up and no one can still tell the difference.

Jeans are a no brainer but what about that checkered white button up? May be a little more difficult BUT not impossible. Again, the more noticeable items of the over all costume is the vest, so as long as you can find a checkered white button up, you’ll be fine.

The Casio Calculator Watch. This might take a little more effort but again, not impossible. I stumbled upon mine at a Kohls for $20, brand new!

The Skate Board. Again, is the party you are going to loaded with professionals looking to critique your movie accuracy or are you just going to have fun and cosplay? I am constantly seeing old skateboards being thrown out on trash nights. Find one and bingo!

Another prop you could add to his look is the movie camera. Finding the original is tough so I did the next best thing. I found one (again) at my local thrift shop that was the old VHS video camera. I cut the excessive cord, painted the side red, and again, the public can never tell the difference.

When cosplaying any costume, attention to too much detail can become time consuming and expensive. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars just to attend that yearly halloween party that you know you’re going to get a jello shot mess on by the end of the night anyways? Keep it simple! Another thing you want to be sure of is KNOW the movie that you are trying to represent. Sometimes you will meet the “professional” that seems to know all the trivia answers. Become familiar with the character you are representing. At least know Marty Mcfly’s dad’s name for goodness sake!

And when quoting the movie…if you are going to go that far, know the lines! It is a huge pet peeve of mine when someone says “When this baby goes fast, we’re gonna hit 85 miles an hour with that green plutonium!” What?!

But most importantly, have fun while playing a character from your (hopefully) favorite movie ever!

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