From Freddy Kruger to Iron Giant, Ernest Cline’s Science Fiction novel is finally coming to the big screen this March 30th, 2018. “Ready Player One” not only features some 80’s pop culture giants, but includes the main character Wade Watts driving a modified Delorean Time Machine in his Virtual Reality World called The Oasis. This Time Machine is like no other Time Machine based upon Back To The Future. In this virtual world, anything goes. Wade has modified his Time Machine to incorporate features of the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, as well as the Knight Rider car KITT. Called the Ecto88, Wade travels in his super car experiencing life in a virtual world while also trying to save it from the evil government corporation that is trying to take control of it.

Check out below this possible mashup from a screen shot of the Time Machine with a KITT attachment.

Here is a link to More Easter eggs in the film.

Speaking of Mash-ups, did a mash up with some Ghostbusters in Vegas. See pictures.

Mash-ups are a great way to incorporate a few elements into one subject and reach fans of a few different movies, rather than just one. That is why “Ready Player One” isn’t just going to appeal to a select few. Basically, anyone that loves the 80’s is going to love Ready Player One(<–Facebook Page).

Check it out! Here is a link to a trailer preview.

Pictured below is Ernest Cline’s Delorean.

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