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The Minnesota Toy Posse was having their Toy Swap Meet Up and a new to Minnesota Delorean Time Machine decided to check things out. “Mn Toy Posse” is the fastest growing local buy sell trade group for action figure comic books & video games. With close to 400 members and growing, they represent a complete toy geek counter culture. They help each other find the newest hot toys released to the classic old vintage toys you remember from your youth. They are made up of multiple collectors with a vast knowledge of all genres of collecting. Creator & owner Mark Seekamp, a well known administrator on AFJ (Action Figure Junkies) for over 4 years is a well known collector in the local community for over 35 years. He reached out to Rent Delorean via the facebook group Twin Cities Geeks.

Mark only told 2 others that the car may be showing up, so when it did arrive, much as it did at the end of BTTF I when crashing into the driveway, the crowd went crazy! One gentleman sitting at his vender table looked up and yelled “IT’S A DELOREAN!!! PARK IT HERE!!”

Thanks to Mark Seekamp for reaching out allowing this stainless steel beauty to pull up and wow the audience. Check out the photos!
@Mn Toy Posse #mntoyposse @mntoyposse

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