A long while ago, in 2016, RentDelorean owner Andy Strano did a podcast with DeloreanTalk.com about owning a Delorean while living in Las Vegas. (You Can Listen Here). This podcast was #5 in a series that really started to take off, even to present day. While rummaging through Delorean-related topics, podcasts, pictures, and articles, Brian Paone found our podcast online!

This prompted Brian to check out RentDelorean’s website and wonder how he too could get his car on the list of Deloreans available for rental inquiries. Contacting Andy was just the first step.

After a phone conversation, Andy laid out the principles of RentDelorean.com, and Brian as well as his wife agreed to the terms. The very next day from the initial contact, coincidently, a Delorean inquiry came in through RentDelorean’s inquiry page in Brian’s actual town of residence! Reaching out to the client, Brian is already scheduled this coming July to get his car out there for a community event for the first time doing a paid gig. It was that easy!

Brian is an established author and vocalist who has written a vast array of books, including one we’re really looking forward to getting our hands on: Yours Truly, 2095 that concerns Time Travel. You can find it here for purchase and more information.

After chatting with Brian on the phone, Andy decided to put this blog together not only to give a shout out to Brian, but to also spotlight the fact that many Delorean owners lead some very interesting lives. Brian has done tours with his authorship and has been on countless trips for his publications.

If you’d like to learn more about his amazing books, check out Brian’s Website.

This is Brian and his lovely (and Delorean supporter) wife.

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