What is it like owning a Delorean Time Machine? Whether you build your own or reach out to a vendor, we suggest you DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Deloreans alone can be pricey and costly to upkeep, but as George McFly said “you can do anything, if you put your mind to it.”

We’ve had our car for almost 10 years now and began to do events with it right off the bat even when it was a stock looking Delorean. After a few years we were able to get it looking similar to the movie as well as was able to get to know many in the Delorean community. As with many groups, there are GOOD guys and there are BAD GUYS. Though we are not going to mudsling, we will endorse guys that we’ve built a trust with and seen professionalism all the way.

Introducing you to Mark Zoran, owner operator of RazorFly Studios Inc.

Razorfly Studios is an International Academy Award Winning Costume, Prop House & Custom Car builder. Bringing their passion for movies to life in the screen-accurate replicas. Located approximately 2.5 hours north east of Atlanta GA, Mark has much experience in excellence. If are you looking into seriously considering getting someone professional to build a screen accurate Delorean Time Machine or a specific movie car, you need to CONTACT Mark and be sure to tell’m RentDelorean sent ya!

Introducing you to Jon Miller, owner operator of Jon Miller’s Time Machine.

Have a question regarding a specific part or design of the Time Machine you’re thinking of putting together? Jon is located in New Jersey and is extremely knowledgable about parts, both mechanically of the Delorean itself, and the Time Machine. Jon built his own screen accurate Delorean Time Machine and is an amazing team member to have aboard the RentDelorean fleet. Not only does Jon know his way around his Time Machine, he’s helped build others as well. Jon would be a great guy to to ask questions and is also very available for events in the East Coast region! We at RentDelorean would love to give you an introduction if you contact us.

Introducing you to Mike Carey, Delorean Time Machine builder/owner, parts designer, creator.

Mike is a huge asset to the RentDelorean fleet, available for events on the west coast. Mike also builds Delorean Time Machine parts, Back To The Future props and other movie related items as well. He is extremely knowledgable on what goes where and how to find them. If he can’t find it, he’ll most likely build it. Feel free to contact us and we can formally introduce you.

Already own a Delorean or a Delorean Time Machine but want to add a Hover Conversion?

Introducing you to Scott of Ohio Time Machine Rental, owner of his Delorean Time Machine and creator of the Hover Conversion, available for production and sale.

Click here for more info and direction to Scott’s site on purchasing a Hover Conversion set for your Delorean. And be sure to mention RentDelorean Sent Ya!

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