The local cosplay pub in town was throwing a themed party with the Ghostbusters of Las Vegas to celebrate the new movie. As I got to talking to these guys, I was made aware that they had no Ecto-1 in their club but instead had all the carry on gear. Great Costumes they had, but sadly, no Ecto-1. Then I thought hey, why not do a mini conversion of my Delorean Time Machine to a mashup of the Ecto-1 of Ghostbusters. It really only took me a few nights of creating the side markers and applying some emergency tape. In my opinion, it turned out GREAT!! In fact, the bar’s owner took a video of the car with the Ghostbusters along with a random SUV Ecto-1 that showed up and we got over 14,000 views!

I had nothing but positive responses from the people at the event. Unfortunately, the problem I had encountered with this particular mashup was not from the Sci-Fi community, but was evidently from my own Back To The Future Delorean fans!

I do not want this particular blog entry to be one long complaint, but more of an observation aboGhostbusters 2016ut the “rules” of cosplaying. The owner of Las Vegas’s #1 Cosplay/Fandom Bar and I were having a good chat the other night. His bar is not just a bar, but a gathering for nerds/geeks to come to a place where they aren’t going to talk about sports, politics, religion, but are going to ‘geek out’ and fandom. More times than not, this place can have an off night where Spiderman will show up and no one bats an eye. If you do that in any other place in Las Vegas, most people are going to look at you like you have two heads! But this place welcomes constant cosplaying. It is a very unique place where you may have a discussion about who wore the Starfleet uniform better: Captain Kirk or Captain Picard.

You could also have a discussion with a total stranger about who really shot first. (Han Solo did!)

All in all, this place is just a great gathering for dorks like me to go and not worry or even care about football. It generally draws quite a large crowd of Sci-Fi people and it hasn’t even reached a full year of residence yet. Not many bars can pride themselves on the fact that not only do they not have a bouncer, but they don’t need one! Most of these people that come to this place want to sit back, enjoy an adult beverage and fandom.

Google defines Fandom as: the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something. That about sums up the Millennium Fandom Bar of Las Vegas. And this is where the Delorean Ecto-88 was born for that soon to be over 14,000 viewed video. It was a real bummer after I posted it as many times as I did to get some rude comments from ONLY Back To The Future Fans. And it isn’t to blame the BTTF Fans as they may be the only ones to be this narrow minded. Not at all. Some fans cannot imagine seeing both Marvel and DC comics displayed on the same wall…but sure enough, the Millennium Fandom Bar goes beyond the law of the land.

Whether you cosplay a costume or a car, the most important thing is that you have fun and not worry about what others think. “Haters gonna hate.” I know I got much positive feedback that night from Patrons of the event, and for that, I’ll continue to do as many mashups as I can with my Delorean Time Machine.

Ecto88 Video

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