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Dan's Flying Delorean

February 19th, 2020 Author: Rent DeLorean

"A Flying Delorean?"

Yes Biff! It's True!! Meet 52 year old private pilot Dan Hipp of Atlanta, Georgia whom has always loved aviation all his life. Dan can remember as a child the Jet Pack from the Saturday morning TV show Ark II (See Time Index 15:45). He's intrigued by jetpack technology, especially after recently meeting Richard Browning of Gravity Industries with the jet suit at Dawsonville, Georgia. Dan was able to try on a jet suit but did not fly it. He did say he had an amazing experience that left quite an impression. Shortly after this event, he thought about building a full sized flying DeLorean because of his love for Back to the Future. 

He knew it was possible with a lightweight carbon fiber frame and carbon fiber DeLorean body using four large jet engines. He then began to build a prototype using foam board and pieces laying around the house just like 'Doc Brown.' This prototype is 56" long by 26" wide. 

His long-term goal is to build a full sized flying DeLorean to carry two people. The only major roadblock is cost.  Though cost can be tough, the thing that is driving Dan is that he has big dreams. 

  If you would like to see more of Dan's dream  and possibly get more information as well as perhaps become an investor in this project, please feel free to contact Dan via email: Hippfamily43@gmail.com. 

Dan is open to suggestions as well in order to come closer to achieving this dream to creating a full sized Jet Powered Flying Delorean. We're using the networks of RentDelorean to generate interest, and eventually, in order to look for investors, will start a kickstarter to get this thing "off the ground." 

As Dan perfects his model and sends us more videos, we'll be sure to post them! 

Check out Dan's Super Cool Delorean Model that he's attached to a drone. 

Here are some better pictures:






Much of his concept was also inspired by the work of Andrew Probert and Ron Cobb.


Another great inspiration was the work of Kevin Pike and his work on the actual Delorean Time Machine.






Dan also wanted you to know that he IS selling this model after he gets some good video footage of it attached to the drone again. 

Night Shot Video:

Here's a link with some cool JetPack examples Dan is thinking of creating a full sized Delorean into: 

Here's Dan with the Gravity Industry Guys.






See Dan at the Gravity Industries Event here. 

  If you would like to see more of Dan's dream and possibly get more information as well and perhaps become an investor in this project, please feel free to contact Dan via email: Hippfamily43@gmail.com. 

The infamous HoverCraft Delorean was another inspiration for Dan. This Home built hovercraft has since been sold to a private collector. 

Dan wanted us to attach his favorite inspirational song to this blog. ;-)

Wishing you All The best Dan! We hope RentDelorean can help you take this dream and fly!