Time Machining With Questions…

Attending car shows are great. And doing a show or event with a Time Machine? Even better! “Back To The Future” has become such an iconic film in the past 30 years that very VERY rarely you get someone who has no idea what the car is. Yes, believe it or not, there are precious souls out there that have never seen or heard of Back To The Future; and it is those audience members that I mostly enjoy talking to.

Imagine living in a world where you meet someone who has never seen a cell phone or never heard of the internet, yet sees something that to you, is a “matter of fact” sort of thing, but to them, they haven’t a clue. How would you discuss what they see right in front of them. There is this hunk of stainless steel, doors that go up instead of out, 4 wheels, headlights, dashboard, petals, all the normal “car” whistles, but then there are “flux bands,” huge black exhausts, random wires, a “Flux Capacitor” and something called “Mr. Fusion” on the back of the car. To someone that has never seen or heard of Back To The Future, they have to think it is some sort of “car from the future” or better yet, another planet!

But, to most people, the Delorean Time Machine represents so much more. It is a smile machine. Countless times driving down the road complete random strangers risk their lives on the highway to slow down and get a picture or video while giving you the thumbs up. One hand has the cell phone taking a picture while the other hand gives the thumbs up. Makes you wonder if the knees are driving the car.

At the shows you get the typical questions: “Where’s the flux capacitor?” “What happens when you hit 88?” “Is it real?” “Is this car from the movie?” “Where is Michael J. Fox?” And my personal favorite (after the person just saw it drive into the show) “Does it run?”

Sometimes these questions get boring to many Delorean owners but for me, it will never get old. Sometimes I like to mess with people and ask them what year it is, or who is president, but the Delorean Time Machine really is an icebreaker in getting to know people. People that would sometimes never approach a car owner because they are too intimidated by all the “v6 8.2 liter engine with a dual speed F150 Z12 alpha zeta pi” vernacular. And for those questions, I can’t stand. Sometimes you get your “car guy” that just wants to know (like they are writing a Delorean Engine Biography) the exact specifications on the car. I always think, why don’t you just go look it up? I almost always shrug my shoulders and say “she runs on plutonium.”

I am not a “car guy” per say. I like to tinker here and there, but I like people! The kind of people you meet sometimes that aren’t “car guys” want to talk about the movie. More often than not, they saw it when they were young and it brings them back (like a Time Machine) to a great childhood memory. But now they are older and may have children of their own and get to share those past experiences with their own kids. And to that, I just say that is really cool to have a car that helps people transport themselves back in time.


Delorean Time Machine ownership is not a car for someone who doesn’t like people or even Back To The Future for that matter. Sometimes you get the “Sci Fi Police” telling you that this particular part on your car is not screen accurate or that you have a “Part 2 Car” but have the Nike Shoes as part of your props and that is very wrong. To those kinds of comments and questions, I just laugh and ask the person where their Delorean Time Machine is. That normally shuts them up.

It is definitely a Time Machine show car. Official car shows are sometimes a hit and miss. Sometimes the hosts love you because many of their patrons simply love the car and sometimes the hosts give you the cold shoulder…because again their patrons love the car and give you TOO MUCH attention. Again, it is all in good fun.

Questions questions questions. It is how strangers interact and become something more than just strangers. The Delorean Time Machine has that knack about it that helps initiate people in conversation to travel through time and sometimes can make some new friends along the way. It definitely is a great car to own. So bring on the questions and let’s travel through time!


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