The Artwork of John DiBiase

A longtime, big fan of Back To The Future – having first seen it in the theater on the big screen when it came out (when he was 5). He made a a lot of art based around his favorite fandoms but recently his fellow Back To The Future bestie encouraged him to share the works with the community. .

A little about these drawings…

All freehand (no guides, tracing, grids, etc.) The photos are ‘eyeballed’ and recreated in drawing form . He prefers graphite (the oldest one here is the graphite one of Marty by himself), but he’s been working more and more with color in recent years. The ones in color are usually only colored pencil, but some are a mix of colored pencil and graphite (Marty and George), or marker based, then colored pencil on top.

Christopher Lloyd signed the Marty & Doc drawing when he met him in Boston of 2018. John was particularly excited about that piece. He also got a photo op with Michael J. Fox at that same event (the Fan Expo), but because of the expense, wasn’t able to get his autograph as well. However, when he met Cary Elwes at the same event and he grabbed John’s portfolio and started flipping through it, he came to the Marty & Doc. Cary insisted John get Michael to sign it. He was very convincing but by this time Michael had already left the convention.

The first Back To The Future movie is in his top 4 favorite films of all time with the original Ghostbusters is topping number one.

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