The Delorean Time Machine Rental Experience

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This is an example of what we offer clients when they are looking for a full Delorean Time Machine Experience. Set includes Delorean Time Machine (Removable Hood Box to display Part 2 Car only), LED Light set up, Clock Tower Backdrop (10 feet wide, 8 feet tall), Hill Valley Sign, Doc/Marty Banner, Clothing/Costume Props including Marty Mcfly (I, II, III), Doc Brown (Part 1,2), Plutonium Case, (coming soon, mini Delorean Time Machine – needs repairs).


We can provide you with authentic looking costumes that will make your event have that special touch.

We have costumes that span all the BTTF movies and can even offer actors to give your event a live performance!

Here are some Marty McFly costumes:-


Here are some props that are sure to make your Delorean Rental feel like you are living the movie!

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