We figured 7 was a lucky number, so we decided to go ahead 7 years in the future to see what we could find. And LOOK what we found!!

We also got to talking to some folks in the future, and they wanted me to come back (without using their names of course) and let the people of 2020 know, EVERYTHING works out for the best in all this. The memories most of them had were the good times they had with their families. More time to read. More time to create. More time to work on home projects. More time to relax. More time to grow. All in all, trust the system. Trust the human race that things WILL come back to order. And all in all, stop worrying so much.

Play games. Build things. Take walks. Exercise. Gain knowledge. Invent something. Fix something. Paint something.

Watch Documentaries!

Ask Questions. Be Curious. Get Spiritual. Think about your existence.

Check out a playlist below of the Best History Documentaries…

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