Recently, this photo has been making it’s rounds on the internet from DavidsMiniatures ( While we are not sure of the artist (yet), we’re pretty sure it is fake. But it brings up a good question: IF a Back To The Future IV reboot, prequel, after-quel, would happen… WHAT are your thoughts??

Who would you like to see make an appearance in the movie?

Who do you think should direct it?

Do you have a storyline idea? Same car? Should any of the previous actors make an appearance? What audience should it be geared towards? Should it be a movie about the past, or the future?

**If you simply don’t want to see another movie added to the trilogy, sorry, we don’t want to hear from you. This isn’t the purpose of this blog post. **

We want to hear from the fans out there that, throwing caution to the wind, no bars about it, holding nothing back, would like to see another Back To The Future movie. Give us your feedback!

Send us some cool thoughts (HERE) via messenger and we’ll repost your ideas and see what our networks think! C’mon fans, the future hasn’t been written yet… Lets “make it a good one!”

****This is a fan based site. We have or claim NO RIGHTS to Universal Studios, the Back To The Future Franchise, nor any of the actors. The opinions here are strictly that of hearsay and of a fan based material/nature.

credit to: for the image

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