We did some upgrades in our TARDIS…

First and foremost, the #1 question we get a lot from browsers online is “What Is A Tardis?”

The TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) is the Doctor’s Time Machine from Doctor Who. Check out the video below:

Who is Doctor Who?

Ours is slightly different because not only does it contain free books for our community to give/take, but it is also a GeoCacher’s find.

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Lets say you ARE a fan of Doctor Who, and would like to be apart of the local fan club. Our TARDIS is a part of the TARDIS Tour as well as a supporter of the local Doctor Who Convention. Here’s the Console Room’s Link for more info:

Are you into GeoCaching? We were on FTF Magazine‘s Cover whom also produced a Geocaching Coin made and hosted a Geocaching event thanks to The Geocaching Vlogger.

Plan your next Visit! Google Farmington TARDIS.

HOURS of Operation are 7am – 9pm. Rain/Shine.

Built for the community to share books as well as a Geocachers puzzle.

Very cool to drive by at night!

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