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Surprise Leo!

With Leo turning 9, his parents wanted to surprise him by bringing him to’s mini Back To The Future Museum Garage in Las Vegas Nevada… although to Leo, it was Heaven! Imagine… your parents tell you they are heading to someone’s house to help them move something. The sun already went down, you’re tired, you’re hungry, and you are standing in front of some stranger’s closed garage door with your mom telling you to “stand right there.” And then, the garage door opens, you hear the Back To The Future Theme song, and BOOM, there it is! The Delorean Time Machine from Back To The Future, glowing before your very eyes!

That is exactly what 9-year old Leo experienced this Wednesday night. The Time Machine Delorean was supposed to come directly to his birthday party a week before, but because of some Delorean car trouble issues, Leo got an up and close personal tour of the Back To The Future Fandom Garage instead… a week later. But from the look on Leo’s face, it was WORTH THE WAIT!!

Check out The Video!

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