With the world on hold, Delorean owners all over the world are itching not only to get their cars out on the road but to get together with other club members to hang out. RentDelorean started to host a weekly Zoom chat night with various topics for discussion. We also started live broadcasting these chats via facebook as well as youtube for non-owners and fans to tune in and listen.

If you’re a Delorean owner and would like to join in on our weekly Saturday evening chats, log into your facebook and request access here: RentDelorean Owners Video Chat Group and be sure to answer the entry questions.

If you’re a fan and would like to join in on the listen as well as the live chat, be sure to LIKE/FOLLOW our Facebook page: Facebook RentDeloreans as well as the youtube page: Youtube RentDelorean.

Tune and hear from actual owners what life is like owning a Delorean!

Some of our topics include:

What is the most memorable time you’ve had with your car?
IF time travel was possible, where would you go?
What is in your Trunk?

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