Back To The Future IV: Fact or Fiction

We all know it is. Yes, the “Bobs” have said no it isn’t, but come on, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, even the Chipmunks got a remake!!

So, it is just a matter of “time” when some sort of reboot of Back To The Future shows up.

Yes yes yes, I get it… absolutely not! There is no way. But remember, they said the same about breaking the sound barrier. It IS coming. I have no basis for this claim except in the fact that I know it is coming, so we might as well make peace with it and start to speculate. Let us let the internet do it’s job and theorize. Hollywood LOVES the reboots.

So, my idea… comes from an idea..but it IS NOT Back to the Future 4. I’ve heard people talk about, well, if they were to do a part 4, kids these days need something more edgy, more new, more sleek. They’d need a Tesla.

But you know what? I’m NOT Ok with that. And neither should you be.

In my opinion Back To The Future’s main character was not a human but was a car.

So, if you are going to remake a movie that surrounded itself with a car, then we NEED to come up with an idea based upon that car. That lead me to thinking how to make a movie that will still stay with the same original story, while keeping its main character in tact.

I was standing on my toilet, hanging a clock, the porcelain was wet, I slipped and fell. When I came to, I had a vision, an idea for BTTF 4! A PREQUEL!

“BEFORE to the Future.”(working title)

Yes, grammatically it is confusing, but get over it English scholars. JJ Abrams started this bug by looking at life BEFORE Star Trek. Same concepts, same characters but BEFORE. Well, what about BEFORE Back To the Future? Doc slipped on that toilet and came up with the idea of Time Travel, we all know this. BUT how did he acquire the delorean? The comics alluded to the fact he bought one from seeing an ad in the newspaper.

Was he watching the the fall of the Delorean Motor Company Empire back in 1982 while tinkering with a Time Machine he created out of a refrigerator?

Where did Doc acquire all the wealth he seemed to have in 1955? He claimed it was a “family fortune.” Did he go to Belfast, Ireland and talk to John Delorean himself , perhaps even help fund the Delorean Motor Company, in hopes of getting one to convert into a Time Machine because of the stainless steel attributes?

How did Marty and Doc become friends? Doc knew Marty in 1955, so perhaps when Marty was very young, Doc actually assisted him with his adolescence of growing up and they became life long friends. What about the whole Libyans saga? How did Doc become involved with the Libyans? Did Doc start a “Scientific Services” business and somehow they contacted him that way to build him a bomb?

We could even throw in some of that FBI sting operation John Delorean stuff in there that the Libyans were working with the American Government to squash John Delorean in his attempts at looking at alternative sources for his company.JZD

Again, this would be a fictional movie that could paint some science fiction in with some historical fact. I believe us fans mostly want more Back To The Future but it is a very delicate trilogy. One must be careful yet creative. We see the birth and struggle of the Delorean becoming what it is today.. while also see who Doc was before he successfully created the Delorean Time Machine as well as see who John Delorean was and was headed in his amazing success. With time passing and NEW Deloreans supposedly being built, I believe something in this direction would be good for the now Delorean Motor Company as well as the Back To The Future Franchise.

We’d need a YOUNG Doc actor, an even YOUNGER Marty actor, a John Delorean actor but most of all, we could really still use the Delorean. She would still be there while this movie is growing and become what it really could be: the greatest prequel ever written to the greatest trilogy ever made.

But alas, though we have the Back To The Future Musical to get our nerd fix, we can dream.

There are lots of speculations and mashups out there for a part FOUR. In fact, most recently, the Teaser Trailer was premiered.


THANKS for reading!

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