When I first purchased my Delorean back in 2012, I’ve always wanted a place to also display my collection properly. After finally settling here in Farmington Minnesota, which is not far outside of Minneapolis Minnesota, I finally was able to build such a fine display area in my garage for all my stuff. The following are the pictures of my Delorean Time Machine (built with some help from friends) along with my collection display (built over time). I am hoping to entertain many enthusiasts as well as collectors over the years to enjoy what I have aquired. It was a lot of work as well as much devoted time, but I believe the display came out pretty cool.

When we first moved in, I had a lot of work to do. With a wife, 3 small sons, 2 live in grandparents and 2 dogs, I had some boxes to sort and unpack. And moving in to a newly purchased house in February in Minnesota was no fun. But what had to be done, had to be done.

After getting boxes into the house, my first goal was to get our car into the garage. Then also set up my work shop on the far right of the garage. This took some time, but I finally got the garage in order to a small shop where I can build things as I wish as well as be able to fix things.

Now that the garage shop was just about complete, I could start building the shelves for all my collection.

With some engineering assistance from my father-in-law, we were able to put up some really nice shelves along with a huge photo of a Delorean and Clock Tower I salvaged from a show I did in Vegas a year prior. Being that I could only work at night in the garage with everyone asleep, I spent some cold nights in there alone working late to get this project completed.

I’ve lugged these huge 10 foot tall boards around from Vegas for over a year. I finally cut them down to fit what I wanted leaving this awesome photo of my favorite car!

Next was the wood attached to the beams inside the wall that would hold up the shelves, painted black and screwed into the studs.

Next was the actual attaching of the shelves…

I also painted the ends to be sure the wood wasn’t exposed as well as looked great.

Next I added Lights and a black background to the mix…

I needed to start on the Clock Tower I had as well.

The Clock Tower needed pillars, made from 8 foot Mailing Tubes cut down to fit under the large shelf.

Next I could finally start unpacking my collection as well as a collection I had recently came across from a friend that was getting rid of his life long collection. My collection just got much bigger.

I’ve done many shows and rentals through RentDelorean.com and sometimes they want a “Marty” and sometimes they want a “Doc.” But the question is, should I prepare for all outfits too? Of Course!!

My favorite collectibles are the Delorean Cars. I have a few.

I’d love to give some away as gifts sometime to super fans as well.

Small collectables as well as big ones. Even 3D printed ones!

Some of these have some great stories behind them on how I found them.

Amazing how many things can be made from one type of car. For example, from bottle openers to lighters!

And custom made “Delorean Barn Find” cars… with bird poop on it too!

Models from Japan

Delorean Magazines

Hot Wheels I hope to give out to kid fans I meet at shows.

Red ones, silver ones, black ones, gold ones..

Delorean books and old newspaper clippings.

The very FIRST Delorean Time Machine I ever built when I was 12. I bought this at Universal Studios Florida on our family vacation. I still remember going on the ride and seeing all that Back To The Future Stuff!!

Very Cool Black Delorean with the Pepsi Perfect Prop!

I’m a collector of Delorean and Back To The Future stuff. I made up in my mind when I was getting into this, that I wouldn’t spread myself thin and collect other things I like (Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, SciFi stuff, etc. ). I needed to focus my attention on making my collection worth it.

I love getting my car out for people to enjoy. Now I hope to make lots of friends that want to let me be honored with hosting them into my little garage world I’ve made for myself.

Anyone who knows me knows I love dressing up into some sort of character.

So many pieces have a history with me as well.

I’m hoping that I am continuing John Z. Delorean’s Dream as well as putting my own spin on it. It’s something that reminds us of our past, our childhood, when things were a bit different, and lets us escape into a place where Time Travel exists. Here’s to the Future!

Thanks for scrolling and if you happen to be in the Minneapolis Minnesota area, feel free to come by!

Consider getting a Delorean to come and brighten your event too. Check us out and see if I can’t get a Delorean to your event. I bet I can no matter where you live! And you may just have a great time in the process.

Don’t Run “Outatime”

-Andy Strano

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