With a recent Back To The Future IV image that surfaced and spread like wildfire, we at RentDelorean wanted to know who was making this super cool images that seemed to storm the internet so quickly. Here we have an exclusive interview with our new Canadian friend David, of David Miniatures. Check it out:

Hello David, thank you for taking time to answer my questions. In the world that Rentdelorean resides, nerd fandom abounds. Recently, your home grown images have swept the internet among this fandom group, including the Back to the Future and Ghostbusters world. What other movie titles may you consider doing Art for?

David: I’m a fan aka nerd of any franchise that’s 1980s or early 90s. Knight Rider, Robocop, Friday the 13th, Gremlins. What’s in store for upcoming projects. I have a Ghostbusters and Knight Rider coming up soon for my dioramas. As for posters I don’t know. Have to wait for new idea sparks.

When you are coming up with a new image idea, what are some of your inspirations? Do you have a particular audience in mind?”

David: Well, to be honest I do them for myself. I just happen to have an audience that are very similar minded. Just retro 80s geeks lol.

Does it bother or excite you when you see your work displayed without any recognitions back to you at all? Sort of the anonymous artist type?

David: I love that my work gets shared. In this day and age it’s the biggest form of compliment. Without credit or having my logos removed is never fun. I do these artworks for the fans. So to me, people that do that are not really fans. They are just people trying to get ‘likes’ on social media.

Are you self taught on the software you use, or are you trained in this media because of your day job?

David: I have been a graphic designer for over 25 years. Self taught. And been an Art Director for the past 3 years. I’ve been making fake posters and miniature dioramas for as long as I can remember.

Talk about your dioramas. How long have you been building them? For pleasure or for commission? Is there a website we can see more and are they available for purchase?

David: I started making dioramas when I was about 12. But at that age most kids are building model cars and stuff. The thing that was different about me is my mother was also an artist. She’s a painter. And she found it interesting that when she would but me model car kits I would never follow the instructions or actually make what was on the box. I would mix a couple of kits and make my own stuff like space ships etc. Later in my model making career I learned that what I did as a child is a very common thing in the film industry called “kit bashing”. Who knew!
I then stopped making miniatures from about 17 till my late 20s. That’s when I found the passion again. In 2014 I started my Back To The Future series and it got recognized by Bob Gale, the co-created and writer of Back yo the Future. That was a great feeling!

My work can be seen at davidminiatures.com.

If you had to stay with one movie to create art from, whether it be in dioramas or digital, which would it be, and why? Or do you prefer not to be stuck with only one movie?

David: Hands down Back to the future. I know the movie inside out and would recreate every scene in miniature if I could. My dream is to one day have the time and budget to build all of Hill Valley square.

If money or stable work was not an issue, what do you see yourself doing in regards to work?

David: I would still make dioramas and posters. Just more of them.

Do you have any further thoughts you’d like to pass on to fans of your work?

David: Well I just want to thank the people who are following my work so far. My Instagram and Facebook have blown up in the last few weeks and it’s thanks to these amazing fans. Unfortunately in my immediate friend circle I have in my home town I don’t know anyone with this level of geek fandoms like me. So it’s great to have all these virtual friends across the world. I’ve made dioramas for people in France, Germany, Australia the United States and my home land of Canada. Thank you all your awesome!

Thank you David for the interview. Check out some great photos David sent us below, as well as his website here:





Watch for David’s work wherever you may socialize!


This interview was taken with David’s permission and cooperation by RentDelorean.com.

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