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A tour designed to look for The Doctor Who Time Machines aka The TARDIS would be incomplete if done without a stainless steel time machine aka the Delorean Time Machine. Organized by the WhoItYourself Community, this tour began in 2 different places around the Twin Cities of Minnesota and later met up at one location to continue. With each destination, a TARDIS could be found, whether it be a full sized TARDIS, an interactive one filled with books like the one located in Farmington, MN (follow link) or one for display purposes like in Kenyon, MN (follow link), the TARDIS tour was filled with adventure! In some of the photos, you’ll also notice a large wooden sign saying “MARY CELESTE.” This was a prop brought on the tour modeled after the Classic Doctor Episode entitled “The Chase” where The Doctor reaches the Atlantic Ocean and boards the sailing ship Mary Celeste. The crew ventures outside and are mistaken for stowaways. They sneak away in the TARDIS as the crew searches for them. Soon the Daleks arrive and the frightened crew abandons ship, all jumping overboard.

The Doctor Who following isn’t huge but its followers are adventurous, especially to go on such a tour on a very cold brisk Minnesota November. The Delorean Time Machine had its last voyage for 2018 before being packed up and winterized by going to 7 of the 8 spots located on the tour and of course, received a welcome at each location for a total of 195 miles of driving for the tour.

**If you happen to be a Doctor Who fan and live in or around the Twin Cities of Minnesota, please plan to attend “The CONsole Room,” a Doctor Who centered convention created by fans for fans. RentDelorean’s own Andy Strano will be a panelist on Saturday Jan 5th speaking on the topic of his home build, fully interactive Little Free Library TARDIS (See a recent newspaper article here).

Doctor Who fans, like many other sci-fi related followers are normally very accepting and interesting as well. Though strangers at first, meeting a fan of a tv show that you yourself also enjoy can be a very cool thing. Getting to know fans and making relationships with those common interests really does jump the barriers of “Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.”

Here is a list of the tour spots taken on the Minnesota TARDIS tour.

Stop One: CR Tardis – 11571 Wren St Coon Rapids 55433 OR The Tardis – 102 Gunderson Blvd Kenyon, Minnesota 55946

Stop Two: Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

Stop Three- Farmington MN Little Free Library TARDIS – 5451 203rd St W, Farmington, MN 55024

Stop Four- Tardis Little Library – corner of 94th Street and Columbus Ave. South in Bloomington, MN

Stop Five – The Tardis on Ford Little Free Library – 1670 Ford Parkway, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116

Stop Six – Little Blue Free Library of East Nokomis – 5349 47th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Stop Seven – Bonus Little Free Library Found by accident!

Future Stop – Tardis Little Free Library – West St Paul

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