One of the other science fiction loves we have here at is Doctor Who. Aliens, Time Machine, and a really cool ever changing character, Doctor Who has been around the 60s and is getting bigger here in the United States originally from England. After building the life-sized TARDIS LIBRARY outside for our community, we started meeting more and more WHO fans around the internet.

Here we met Allen… a full on Doctor Who Fanatic that took a horse barn outside of his home and turned it into (probably the largest) Doctor Who museum in the world with his personal collection. 3 home build TARDISes and 3 consoles (each with their own stories), Allen finally built his dream into a reality to where he beautifully showcases his collection.

Traveling the back roads of Northern Indiana, you’d never know unless invited, that you are driving to what we’d call the largest Doctor Who collection in the world. Not only was it just a collection but the very way it is all displayed is simply BREATHTAKING. Allen’s passion for Doctor Who was obvious as with many serious collectors. Allen said he is just getting to the point where he’d like to go a bit more public with showing off his collection, so there will probably be more news about him and his collection in the future. It was simply an amazing experience. Check out the pictures below as well as the 2 youtube videos below.

This is the kind of collection that needs to be documented professionally. Who fans from all around the world would very much so travel to see this collection up close and personal. It was quite an experience of a LIFE TIME. This barn was definitely ‘bigger on the inside’ as his ‘welcome mat’ stated upon entering.

Pictures below:

Amazing!! Allen even wore an awesome shirt to impress us here at

For more info on contacting Allen directly, contact us and we can get you in contact with him for a closer look.

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