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Delorean Celebration Gathering

Aug. 16, 2020

On August 16, 1984, John Z. Delorean was found NOT GUILTY by the courts. 38 years later, we the Delorean community is encouraged to Celebrate! 

On August 16th, 2020, a convenient Sunday this year, you're encouraged to take your stainless steel beauty out on a drive with your local club if able and then gather as you wish, either with a BBQ, or a mini tech day, or something more fun. But at 3pm CENTRAL STANDARD TIME (Check your Local Time), LOG onto a Nation Wide ZOOM Meet-up, to share your love for the Delorean with other Owners from various clubs Nation Wide and celebrate the anniversary of JZD's court declaration of being found NOT GUILTY. 

If we've been deemed not able to gather for a full on 'Delorean Car Show' here in the midwest as originally planned and official runs canceled all over the country along with west coast activities and DMC Open Houses not on the calendar due to COVID-19, then lets at least meet VIRTUALLY much as many have been doing on our Saturday Night RentDelorean Video Chats. We can't let the summer of 2020 go without some sort of BIG Delorean gathering, so connect with your LOCAL club and plan a drive then plan to get onto a ZOOM meet up where we can Facebook Live it for any viewers to be apart. Support your local Delorean club as well as the Delorean Community in general for 2020. 


LINK to the FREE Zoom

Time: Aug 16, 2020 03:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)


Meeting ID: 702 622 4998

Password: Delorean

Once your club decides a plan for  'DCG2020', send us a message and we'll post it here, or post to the Facebook Invite Discussion. AND please SPREAD TO THE WORD to other Delorean Owners! 

MINNESOTA DELOREAN CLUB: August 16th, 12:00 AT GALAXY THEATER,  Drive Together, Meet at Paul's for Pizza and ZOOM at 3pm CST. 


Q: What if I'm a new Delorean Owner and I don't know the local club?

A: Reach out to us, we can probably find other owners in your area to get together with, otherwise, take your car out for a drive that day, and log onto ZOOM with us anyways! We're all a part of the community. 

Q: What if the weather isn't permitting us to take a drive?

A: Then don't! But try and get on the ZOOM anyways to virtually see what other Delorean owners did that day. 

Q: What if my Delorean club wants to do a mini tech day instead of a drive?

A: Awesome!! Have someone in your club host & organize it. We'll see you at 3pm CST. on the ZOOM. 

Q: Is there a registration fee?

A: NO. RentDelorean is hosting the Zoom meeting and hopes all Delorean owners feel welcome to join in and celebrate John Delorean's anniversary of being declared NOT GUILTY on August 16th 1984. 

Q: Where will this be broadcasted LIVE?

A: Since it's being hosted by RentDelorean, it'll be on the RentDelorean Home Page. Click HERE:.

Lets Salvage 2020 by meeting the best way we can! 

Hosted by your local Delorean Club and RentDelorean.com