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About 2 weeks prior to this event, I received an email inquiry from someone looking to fulfill a 15 year old’s destiny. Not thinking she’d have enough resources to make something happen, she reached out anyway hoping that God would intervene in some way. The request was the fact that Conner was to be turning 15, and recently had a rough recovery with some major surgery. After assessing the situation about Conner’s situation and how he simply needed a “Delorean Pick Me Up,” I realized this one was going to be one for the history books and that she contacted the right person. These are the type of events I feel blessed to put on. After reaching out to my local Delorean club, one of our club members volunteered to pick up Conner at his home and give him a ride. The vision began to form as I realized this event was going to be awesome. Alan picked up Conner at his home while mom followed them to the RentDelorean HeadQuarters. Upon arrival, Conner was overtaken by 2 other Deloreans (including the Time Machine), as well as a Tricked out Ghostbuster Miata and a Fiero straight out of the 1980s! There were Ghostbusters as well as the Delorean owners there to show off the cool stuff they had as well as make Conner’s Birthday Very Special. This was by far the coolest event RentDelorean has put together thus far here in Minnesota. Check out the pictures and don’t miss the awesome video created too.

Many Thanks to the many guys (and gals) apart of this event. I believe Conner won’t forget the day he turned 15, and hopefully will believe that God is looking down on him as well as the saying “When You Put Your Mind To It, You Can Accomplish Anything!” That day couldn’t have turned out better!

Special thanks goes to:

Back To The 80’s MN

The Ghostbusters Medi-Corps

Alan and David of the Delorean Club of Minnesota

Darrel and Joni for the Video

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