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Building another Time Machine

December 31st, 2018 Author: Rent DeLorean

I own a Time Machine on wheels. It was time to try and build a Time Machine more stationary. One of my other favorite shows, besides Back To The Future, is Doctor Who. The Doctor flys through Time and Space in his Police Box, a time machine that appears and disappears at the press of a few buttons and switches. 

This TARDIS that I've built is interactive however. Patrons can walk up to it, turn the latch, enter, and give/get a book. It is a "Little Free Library." 

I've added it to GOOGLE as a Tourist Attraction (under "Farmington TARDIS") As well as created its own facebook page where I'll post updates, Doctor Who news/pictures, latest news on books, and general sci fi fun! Feel free to check it out: FarmingtonMNLittleFreeLibraryTARDIS

Below you'll see some photos of the old TARDIS that was given to me by a friend that was rebuilding his. I took this old TARDIS and used it as a template to replace about 90% of the wood, as well as build shelves for the books inside. The build took a lil more than a month, completing it on October 31st, 2018. Now that it is open and ready for business, anyone can walk up to the Little Free Library and experience the "bigger on the inside" effect by getting a book. There is also a guest book inside for people to sign in and talk about their experience. 


It is a very cool way to give back to the community as well as meet some cool people on the way. I enjoy building things with my hands as much as possible, and building this was something I've wanted to do for a very long time. It had it's challenges for sure, but I believe it was well worth it, and so far, well received among neighbors. 

Here is an article that was in the newspaper about our TARDIS: Promoting a love of reading


Lots more photos on our facebook page. Click here


the 4 panels... redone with use of some of the old pieces from the previous TARDIS build. Most of the wood was rotten and had to be replaced. 


Was not a fan of this part. 


This was my first much smaller attempt at making a TARDIS Little Free Library. Stayed up throughout the summer time and is being sold to a school. This little one gave me the confidence I needed to take on the 9 foot tall TARDIS that is now the communities favorite. 


A little snow dusting... but still open for business! 


A Whovian showed up while on a TARDIS tour! 


Officially part of the Little Free Library Organization #73315


Even all the Doctors wanted a ride in a Time Machine to comes see another Time Machine! 

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