Trade Shows, Conventions, Comic Cons, 80s Parties, Music Video Shoots, Weddings.

How do you get these things to be even more than originally planned? Put a Delorean in the mix!

Whether you are selling someone that everyone knows of, or something out of the ordinary, using these cars will turn heads getting potential clients to head in your direction.

These attention getters not only are available, but are probably in your city and are waiting to get called on to show up. They turn heads like no other prop and will definitely create memories that last a lifetime.

No wedding is the same when a Delorean Time Car is part of the reception.

Having a car like this on display at your workplace welcoming your employees back to another week, or a staff appreciation day will definitely put smiles on their faces.

Decked out and ready for photo opportunities, our Delorean can even come equipped with a staff member in or out of costume and character.

Surprise your 80s party with one of these showing up on your driveway. Flux Capacitor and All!

From Ice to Desert, we’ve done countless photo shoots and events for crowds small and large.

Contact us today for whatever you think a Delorean will add to your trade show experience.

The Delorean is a major pop culture icon, highly recognizable by all ages. Why not get one to be on display at your next convention? Contact us Today!

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