Check out Edwin Pineda’s new ride: The Ready Player One Delorean Time Machine Replica.

Ready Player One came out in X and many Delorean Time Machine owners tried their best to replicate what they saw based on the movie as well as the book. Check out Edwin’s Delorean RP1 replica modeled mostly after the book version (note the ghostbusters logo that was eluded in the book, but due to licensing issues, was removed in the movie version.).

“When I immigrated to the United States in 1986, my dream car was KITT from Knight Rider, but when I saw the time machine rolling down from Doc’s Delivery truck in VHS the same year, I told myself…. Some day Jennifer.. Some day..”

From much help from the online Delorean Time Machine community, 2018 was Edwin’s year to complete this car. A beautiful replica Delorean Time Machine.

The RentDelorean Car was actually apart of a premiere at the Minnesota Zoo back in 2018 when the movie premiered. Check out THIS LINK for some awesome photos.

Edwin did an amazing video of his Ready Player Delorean Time Machine replica AND is available for Delorean Rentals in the Los Angelos CA area.

>>>>VIDEO HERE<<<<

Please contact us for more info on getting his car or want to know more about a Delorean Rental to your event today!

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