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Movies On The Hill - Back To The Future

July 18, 2018


"Back To The Future!!" 

That is what you hear when you drive in to a car show. This was "Movies on the Hill" at the Hyland Hills Ski Area in Bloomington Minnesota. Prior to the movie, they held a general car show that the Time Machine was a bit late for. So, we drove in, in style! However, our good friend Alan had his sweet stock Delorean, the #1121 as he likes to call it, there for the car show prior to the movie. Alan jokingly said his car had so much attention "until you showed up." We simply love hearing that!  The Time Machine is definitely a hit among the public.  But the RentDelorean car is not here to completely take over, though once the fog spews out from the back and the LEDs are turned on, we do sort of steal the show. All in good fun though. The Delorean even without all the time machine parts still has the attention of every onlooker there. It must be those gull-wing doors and stainless steal panels. 

This was a fun movie night with many folks that were there to see the movie (and the car) for the first time. Watching 'Back To The Future' with a large group of people that have never seen the movie is the coolest thing when owning a Delorean Time Machine.  They laugh at the jokes you yourself have heard a million times over. They are held in suspense when the Time Machine won't start when Marty is at the end of the street before the Clock Tower race. And they even laugh when Sam Banes says "He's an idiot. Comes from upbringing. Parents are probably idiots too. Lorraine, if you ever have a kid who acts that way I'll disown you." That line never gets old!

At RentDelorean.com we love bringing out the car for others to enjoy really no matter the event. If money was never an obstacle, a trailer & truck would be an awesome addition so that it could be used even more and farther distances. But for now, the RentDelorean car travels in the area turning as many heads and surprising many people in the space time continuum. These sorts of events are lots of fun for everyone! 

(Thank you Mike Hanks of the Bloomington Sun Current for the great photos as well as Matt Davis of Hyland Hills Ski Area for hosting the event)

--Andy @RentDelorean.com